Late Latte: Breakfast culture in Tbilisi

Late Latte: Breakfast culture in Tbilisi

Dear friends, it’s been a while since I shared my Tbilisi tips for the last time! Apologies, apologies. Had some tours to conduct, tasks to complete and holidays to celebrate 🙂

Now a question. Do you know what unites people from Eastern and Western cultures, as they arrive to Tbilisi as tourists? You will never guess. It is a breakfast issue. For many travelers it is just weird that coffeeshops and cafes may start working at 10 or 11 and serve breakfast this late. “Where can I have my coffee and pastry at 8-9 AM?” – that’s what I hear from people who do not stay at Radisson, Marriott or Rooms Hotel with their huge breakfast menu.  

As I moved to Georgia,  one of the biggest surprizes for me was no breakfast menu in McDonalds. In Ukraine, that was the only acceptable thing for me in the whole menu – pancakes and even porridge instead of fatburgers… But not in Georgia. You start your morning with khinkali or khashi soup in case of hangover, you eat at your mum’s place or have a coffee and cigarette at work. But who on Earth is going to a cafe to eat that early?

My fellow breakfast seekers! I understand you, I hear you, my heart is beating with yours and my fingers already type some pieces of advice. Times change, and Tbilisi finally gets its breakfast spots.  I am concentrating on the “domestic” places only – no Shmendy’s and Shmunkin’ Shmonuts.

  1. Hurma (21 Melikishvili str., from 9 AM)
    Hurma is an established breakfast place already. For the amount of 6 to 15 lari you can get granola with yogurt and berries, cottage cheese pancakes, scrambled eggs, porridge or English breakfast with coffee or juice.
  2. Herr Brotmeister (7/9 Taktakishvili str., 69 I. Abashidze str., 38 V. Dolidze str.)
    A nice Austrian style bakery with plenty of delicious breads, muffins, crepes and the “normal”, non-breakfast menu. Cozy and warm atmosphere and tempting flavour of freshly baked bread will make your morning. It’s open at 8 AM, what a blessing! Plus, if you buy coffee till 11 AM, you get a croissant or a bretsel for free.
  3. Skola Coffee and Wine (17 Rustaveli Ave, open from 8 AM)
    One word: porridge. I don’t know what my grandma would say if she would discover how much I can spend for simple porridge in a cafe during one month. But I love the oatmeal, the rice and the quinoa porridge, and I can’t say which is my favourite.
    Another favourite is double cappuccino.
  4. PAUL (Abashidze 36, Galaktion Tabidze 3, from 8 AM)
    Coffee and croissants, fresh bread and various sweet baked goods. Better than some of the PAULs in Europe, I should say!
  5. PinPon Cafe (22 Ilia Chavchavadze avenue, in the arch, or Lado Asatiani 13)
    One of the tiniest coffee shops in the city, PinPon is open at 9 AM! Third wave coffee – aeropress, v60, cold brew; delicious muffins, healthy sandwiches, seasonal smoothies… Dog-friendly, kids-friendly, very friendly! One of my favorite places recently.
  6. Kikliko (28 Mtskheta Str., Mo-Fr: 8 AM – 3 PM, Sa-Su: 9 AM – 5 PM)
    “Kikliko!” (ყიყლიყო!) is what the rooster screams in Georgia, and also the name of the traditional breakfast dish in our country. And a breakfast and brunch spot in Vake. The little outdoor yard is lovely, and even the omnipresent cars can’t destroy the mood.
    The menu is egg-themed, but I also tasted the cottage cheese pancakes and regular pancakes, too. Yummy!
    And, I should say, it’s a very Vake place the people from the other areas of Tbilisi would approve. So I recommend you to go there, if you feel like exploring not only old town, top-10 TripAdvisor cafes and “atmospheric corners full of lovely old ladies that treat you with free stuff”, as many guests and newcomers might put it.
  7. Tabidze 1 (guess the address! Yes, you are right, it’s Galaktion Tabidze, 1! Open from 8 AM)
    I was usually getting there a coffee from aeropress + croissant = 7 lari (€2.2). For another 5, you add a vegetable omelette that appeares to be of truly Gargantuan size. When the weather allows, sitting in the yard is a pleasure – because all the loud aspects of Tbilisi life are behind the wall, and you are just tucked there with your coffee and nobody sees you. Ah!
  8. Georgeous Coffee (18 Aghmashenebeli Ave., from 9 AM)
    It’s a coffee shop and creperie, with four tables inside and outdoor seating for the good weather. My favourite crepes are mozzarella + pesto and the nutella ones 🙂 This is one of the oases at the super touristic streets on the left bank of Mtkvari. To me, there is is creperie and two wine bars – the rest is, unfortunately, habibi-style tourist traps.
  9. Lui’s Coffee (23a Ilia Chavchavadze Ave., from 9 AM)
    The strongest side of this little cafe is the desserts menu – Kyiv Cake, Napoleon Cake, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake, Oatmeal Tart… I usually have to hold myself tight in order to avoid eating so much sweet. Luckily, scrambles and sandwiches selection is good, and coffee, too!
  10. Hello Coffee a.k.a. Kombinati (2 Mtkvari Str., 41 Gorgasali Str., from 8:30 AM)
    Once upon a time there was a Georgian guy who had a vision of how a small coffee shop should look like and understanding of the things people need early in the morning. Especially if there are 2-3 governmental institutions in the area. So now Public Service Hall, Ministry of Culture and Georgian Tourism Administration are getting their takeaway morning coffee and nutella croissants in this tiny place. I was one of them for many years, so if you just want to grab a coffee with pastry early in the morning, feel free 🙂

Those are my favorite breakfast places in the city. Ah yes, the most obvious option is actually Entree – the Georgian-French chain of bakeries, which also operates in Azerbaijan. There are 10+ spots around Tbilisi, where you can get coffee, fresh juice, crispy bread and croissants, yogurt and many other things.

I hope this post will help you in your search and you will start your morning very very well 🙂

Dariko the Breakfast Monster

P.S.: find this route as well as many others in a shape of a proper guide here:

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  1. Hi Dariko,

    Somehow I stumbled upon your site, and I just want to thank you for this post! I’ve been in Tbilisi for over a month now, and I really miss having a good latte and a “proper” breakfast menu here! The only place I’ve been frequenting (quite a lot) is entree, because their pastries are pretty good, and they have an affordable breakfast set before 11. It’s also good because it’s non-smoking.

    But thanks for sharing the rest of the places! I will definitely try one soon (;

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