Befriending with Georgian rivers: Rafting at Aragvi

Befriending with Georgian rivers: Rafting at Aragvi

A couple of years ago I was lucky to discover for me Aragvi Adventure Center in Georgia. A lovely small territory is maintained according to the best “Western” principles: in clean, eco-friendly, sustainably maintained (no wonder: Soso, the founder, has spent more than 10 years in Germany and learned there how one should make a real tourism product).

For the first time I went there for rafting, and it was pretty fun. River called Pshavis Aragvi can become your good friend, if you do not panic and control yourself. It can show its character (or you can also navigate your boat in such way that it becomes dangerous), but in normal cases it is just beauty, fun and a bit of workout.


IMG_20150622_102411IMG_20150628_161524????????????????????????????????????IMG_20150621_163919 IMG_20150621_180438After rafting sessions and huge traditional Georgian lunch I just chilled at the river and played with local dog, a ball of fur who is gonna grow to a real threat to potential robbers.IMG_20150621_181421 IMG_20150621_190436 IMG_20150621_232452

Besides this, you can also learn how to make bread or any other Georgian food (better to ask in advance).


Birth of khachapuri


This is such an awesome place for cycling too! Nature and another kind of workout is what one needs after above mentioned Big Food. Or, also in the morning, before it gets hot… IMG_20150622_113911 IMG_20150628_101349

It may seem difficult, but it’s not: almost everyone can do this!


If you are not a fan of cycling, it’s great to come there anyways. Just in 60 km from Tbilisi you will feel like you are very far from city dust and loud noises. Chilling, walking, reading and enjoying nature is also an idea for a weekend.IMG_20150623_095349 IMG_20150627_103059 IMG_20150627_161325 IMG_20150627_164103There is a possibility to order transfer from Tbilisi, or, there also marshrutka from Tbilisi to Shatili, which passes almost nearby. Almost – it means that you will still have to walk quite a while.

For prices and information you can check out the website of Aragvi Adventure Center. I am not the one who likes aggressive advertising, but you will really like the place and people there, if you decide to visit!

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