The Best Lemonade in Tbilisi: Where to Taste It?

The Best Lemonade in Tbilisi: Where to Taste It?

Summer in Tbilisi is hot! Our beautiful colourful city is almost melting sometimes, I have to admit. From all the people who live here, only my Thai friend Lili enjoys it: according to her a summer evening in Tbilisi feels like winter in Bangkok. What about those who dream only about cool water or at least ice cold lemonade? Not those factory made ones, sorry guys, but real homemade lemonades? I have a couple of tips for you.

1. Acid Bar at Leonidze 9

I drink their lemonade even in winter: it is full of vitamins! Lemons and tarragon: real Georgian classics. Don’t confuse it with the spinach soup at the picture 🙂 By the way, the soup is also delicious.


2. Cafe Le Toit

Located at the corner of Kote Aphkhazi (Leselidze) 27 and Anton Katolikosi streets, this cafe is stylish, with plenty of small details, old porcelain statuettes, thin lacy curtains, scrappy chairs at the balcony… You can really enjoy your ice tea in summer there!

3. Cafe Gabriadze

Famous cafe near famous marionette theatre at Shavteli 13, it serves light transparent ice cold lemonade based on lemons and tarragon. I would also recommend matsoni/yogurt soup in this hot weather: if you like dairy products, you will definitely enjoy it.


4. Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Doucan

One of my favorite Tbilisi spots is located in the yard of Literature Museum, at Tabukashvili street. I could drink at least one liter of their lemonade, jokes apart! Minced fresh tarragon, mint, lemons and ice refresh so good. By the way, they also have a great summer soup – yogurt based okroshka, Russian style.


5. Iveria

Don’t confused it with Radisson Iveria Blu Hotel! This cafe is located almost next to it, near the bicycle sculpture. Their lemonade is very light and tasty. If you are into cookies, try them in Iveria! They are very delicious and quite big.


6. Factory 27

Love this place at Zandukeli 27. Reminds me on Berlin. Their lemonades are very diverse! If you are fed up with lemon, try strawberry.

11232077_452902471557625_5044055155372895129_nPhoto: Factory 27

7. O, Moda, Moda!

Another summer friendly place. It’s so pleasant to sit in the yard in one of round arm-chairs and drink ice cold beverages in the shadow of jasmine bushes! Address: Barnovi 68.

Bonus 1: In the beginning I said, that factory made lemonades don’t fit into my picture of a perfect summer. Lagidze Waters are an exception! Both children and adults love them – especially chocolate and vanilla one. If you travel to Tbilisi and want to try a local thing, try Lagidze lemonades.

Where: yard of Sameba Cathedral (the cafe is open till 18:00) and Rhea’s Squirrels opposite to funicular building.  Or, take the funicular up to Mtatsminda, order Lagidze lemonade and local doughnuts in the restaurant Puri Guliani. It is a very Tbilisi thing!

Bonus 2: if you go will manage to attend Tbilisi Flea Market (not that one near Dry Bridge, but an event which takes place once or twice per month in Dedaena or Mtatsminda parks), find a place where a wonder drink called Meoba is sold.  It is based on white wine, but there is another mysterious ingredient, which is kept secret by the inventor.

I wish you a pleasant and refreshing day!

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