Tbilisi Fashion Week S/S 2017: #wearGeorgian and celebrate youth

Tbilisi Fashion Week S/S 2017: #wearGeorgian and celebrate youth

As I came to Georgia in 2012, wearing local designers seemed to me not a big fashion, but rather a support of a friend who owns an atelier. The Georgians cherish friendships, so there were always people who wore something made here. There were always Avtandil, Anouki, Tamuna Ingorokva, Aleksander Akhalkatsishvili and another dozens of names, but the market seemed pretty small and segmented.

Recent Tbilisi Fashion Week in October 2016 made me quite proud. I had this weird tickling and warm feeling of seeing the future. Even though the opening featured fantastic old dresses of Nino Ramishvili, the founder of world famous Sukhishvilebi ballet, the rest of collections carried quite a futuristic character.3954

Of course, there were well known names are Tamta Shindelishvili or Lasha Jokhadze. And as all the European media noted, the domination of ladies in the Georgian fashion industry is undisputable so far.lasha-jokhadze lasha-jokhadze-2Both pieces: Lasha Jokhadze

For me the most important point was the chance given to the young aspiring designers. In the recent post about unique presents from Georgia and the article about the local fashion I have already confessed my love to DOTS, the multi-brand shop that features the young designers only and promotes the idea to wear things #madeingeorgia. The shop is located next to the renowned fashion house Materiel, but the whole space is given to the aspiring talents.

And the whole Fashion Week was in total harmony with such a concept! Cool locations (new pedestrian street, city council, garden, skyscraper, shopping mall, boutique hotel), a constellation of less known names and a platform to show yourself. You know, I’m not a fashionista, but a big fan of everything Georgian, so I always try to attend TFW in order to stay tuned and recommend not trivial presents to people who are really into shopping and unique things afterwards.img_20161019_191036So if you allow me, I will list several designers of clothes and accessories that I picked at Tbilisi Fashion Week and add some extra to the list.

Alexander Gotsi and his amazing leather accessories. Wallets, bags… All handmade.alexander-gotsi-2 alexander-gotsi

Nini Chelidze – black and white palette, broad silhouettes, motifs from cartoons (Mickey Mouse fans would love Nini’s works a lot).

Ani Datukishvili – loose cut, asymmetrical shapes, calm colours.ani-datukishvili

Fashion House Anastasia – I loved the colours featured in the presented collection: English rose, ivory, cream, burgundy. A lot of dresses are to be worn in daily life, which always matters for a simple person like me.anastasia-2 anastasia

Alhambra – old traditional patterns used by the Georgian noble families are immortalized in the Georgian minankari technique (also known as baked enamel). Very tender!alhambraCo Mode+ represents several brands. Clothes for kids and adults, daring cut, various accessories… It takes some time to see all the items they offer! Very interesting and catchy.

Lovoa – bold accessories and sunglasses.

Mariam Gvasalia – not a relative of Balenciaga’s main designer Demna Gvasalia, first of all. Mariam’s dresses are so tender and smooth! I would love to wear one of them for any special occasion.mariam-gvasalia-2 mariam-gvasaliaTatana – I would wear those clothes right now, they are very smart!tatana tatana-2

DALOOD – denim and oversize coats, long silhouettes, basic colours. Among the connoisseurs of the brand I found an actress Lily Collins, who was in Tbilisi for shootings.

Beside of those brands represented at Tbilisi Fashion Week, I would love to mention The Flying Painter – my recent discovery, the new multi-brand concept store located in Fabrika. Long story short: Fabrika is a multi-functional space which grows and blooms in the building of old sewing factory. It accommodates the coolest conceptual hostel in the city, co-working space Impact Hub Tbilisi, as well as several bars and galleries.15139489_10209794052041740_871896898_nAnd this store too. Inspired by the famous sketches of the Georgian painter Petre Otskheli and the plot of a movie about two pilots that fell in love with one girl named Nino (it has never been released), its founders are very bright Georgian creatives. The location and name were not chosen by chance: the sewing factory was managed by the lady called Nino, as well as that movie character, and the flying painter became a kind of symbol of the founders’ artistic aspirations. 15151584_10209794050561703_1101870063_nYou will find several very peculiar collections there: one artist, Natuka Vacadze, is reusing old Soviet materials for her shirts, coats and brooches, the other group of artists are featuring verses from the old Persian poetry in their clothes, and one collection dates back to the time as the sewing factory still performed its main function. 15129941_10209794051601729_1904277779_n 15086878_10209794051681731_1487430226_n

Anasia – nice silhouettes and traditional Georgian total black.

There are also accessories by Ketevan Saqareli and sadarismelia that I like, and nice ceramic stuff. Though, the coolest thing for me was the designer’s glass bottle with a hole for smoking you-know-what. Let me avoid the propaganda, but that is really fancy.

The majority of photos are taken from the collections of TFW and pages of the fashion houses, as I prefer nice colours and good quality in this case 😉

Stay tuned and wear Georgian!

And if you feel like exploring the city from zero, I can recommend you to download a handy app with my guides at Favoroute. It’s a big piece of content I am responsible for, and I will be happy if it helps some of you to navigate around the city!

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