Taste of Eastern Georgia: What Goes With Wine?

Taste of Eastern Georgia: What Goes With Wine?

Harvest time, which is called Rtveli in Georgian, is approaching. It means, it is also time to plan an autumn trip to here. In order to make you hungry for impressions, we gonna tell you something about Eastern Georgian cuisine, while wine needs extra attention and much more that one article.

Eastern and Western Georgia are separated by Surami range. As you are passing this area, try something locally popular in Surami town, which is available here only (at least at such extent). We are talking about nazuki, a sweet bread. It is awkward that people from the other Georgian regions do not bother themselves with baking it, so it’s a fact: if you won’t try nazuki on your way from West to East or vice versa, you probably won’t find it in any other region.


Different kinds of bread is very convenient for people who spend months in the mountains and on pastures: you can carry them with you and keep during a long time. In the mountainous regions of Pshavi and Khevsureti (North-East of Georgia) there is another pie, which can be referred as “khachapuri with greens”, but in fact it is not. Khachapuri is a cheese based pie, its name says it all, because “khacho” means “cheese”. Spinach and greens filled pie from Pshavi is called pkhlovani. A great option for vegans, those who are fasting, and those who are fed up with dairy products.


Pshavian highlanders are believed to have invented khinkali. This Georgian dish doesn’t need a special introduction. We just remind you that you should eat those big dumpling with your hands, and use black ground pepper as only spice. Authentic khinkali are served in small off road cafes in Pasanauri village.

Also in the Georgian highland some special cheese are being produced. The first one is called guda – after a sack made of sheep skin, where it is growing ripen. The second cheese, dambali, is very much appreciated by UNESCO, being included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is first smoked, then gets dried under the sun, and then it is put to a dark cool place for 4-5 weeks.

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Let’s proceed to Georgian valleys. Eastern Georgia is famous for its meat dishes. People from Kakheti are proud not just with their wines, but with their regional specialty, khashlama. Every family has its own recipe of boiling the best veal of beef brisket with spices.

Lamb chakapuli and chanakhi are also must taste in Kakheti. Juicy pieces of meat with vegetables and spices, with tkemali sauce and fresh Kakhetian bread (shotis puri), accompanied by a glass of amber wine… This is what makes your trip there perfect!


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