Storia Di Un Grande Amore: Torino, Part 2

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So, in my first post about Torino I stopped by the museums, right? Now let’s proceed to the third museum I’ve visited: Juventus Museum.  No wonder, taking into consideration the facts that I love football and my father was wearing Juve’s t-shirt all my childhood long.

From the point of view of marketing, the museum is just awesome. Greta history, great names, all illustrated in a very logical and beautiful way… Even a person who doesn’t like “Juventus” (like Gianluca) will be impressed.

But, as a person which still believes in football, I was a bit irritated by this huge shopping mall in front of the museum: it is just not good that you can buy kits and scarves of teams like “Roma” or “Inter” next to bianconeri’s home… Ok, H&M and ice-cream shops can be there for people who come there not to enjoy football, but to get a doze of entertainment like zoo or cinema. But foe’s t-shirt? Eh. If I would be a ghost of Edoardo Anielli, I’d come to current managers of the club in a very scary dream.

But that time I was scary just for the stadium guide who saw me putting my travel mascot, the green owl, to “Juve”’s name, and thought it was an “Inter”’s symbol, a snake. After I explained that it was on owl, he got scared even more: in Italy owl is supposed to be a bad unlucky sign. Though, the last Champions League game was super successful for black and white team: they have beaten “Borussia” 3:0 – so maybe my owl is the special one? Would be cool to have it hired as team mascot 😀

The majority of real locals supports “Torino” though 🙂

During such a short time I wanted to taste and experience local things as much as i could. And Gianluca organized it perfectly. For example, we checked out Eataly: a huge grocery, supermarket and restaurant complex. Now you can find this franchise in NY, Chicago, Tokio, Istanbul, Milan and some other Italian cities, but it started exactly in Torino, in an ex-baking factory at via Nizza 230, in front of ex-Fiat building. At the roof of Fiat, by the way, there was a one kilometer long racing track for horses and cars. Not bad at all!

Not sure about Italy, but I’d definitely live in Eataly for some time! If we had such a huge conceptual store and restaurant with different tasty foods in Tbilisi, I’d be happy. And their wine and beer department! Heaven on Earth.

Prices are good, by the way, especially compared to Rome: A portion of delicious risotto + one local beer costed around 9 euro.

Local beer topic may be tagged by #Gianluca_says and #hello_to_my_friend. Using this occasion, I’d like to say hello to my friend and tell him that Italian beers are real lemonades! 🙂 Gianluca says, that Peroni is a double lemonade + the most mass, pop and so on beer ever. Couldn’t but agree: I’ve tried better ones! Note down: «Open Baladin Torino» at Piazzale Valdo Fusi. A real child of Piedmont, this bar and brewery is producing around 60 sorts of beer: 30 craft and 30 bottled. Their ambitious dream to make Piedmont to a beer capital of Italy is not far from reality!

There was also another page in my short drinking history here. If you will be at via Fratelli Calandra 10, come by to a small dark Arfican bar and order a drink called “Tamango”. Hell! This is a pure concentration of black magic of Torino! Gianluca and me were kinda too old for that sh… drink, so we even didn’t finish, but in case you will, blackout is guaranteed!

If you are more into walking and enjoying views, I have several options for you. The first one is a park and WWII memorial at Colla della Maddalena.

The second is Superga. There is not just impressive baroque basilica and nice park around, but also a memorial to the best “Torino” team in history, who died in an air crash in 1949.

Another great place is outside of Torino. It is a hunting palace of Savoy royal family, Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi. This place appeared in front of my eyes in an epic way (Gianluca, I know you wanted this!)): first we were riding motorbike superfast, I had my eyes closed, and as I opened them, I saw this stunning view:

Ah yes, if you would have time, you can go to a small town Rivoli. There is a huge road leading to it just from the center of Torino, constructed after the order of bicerin fan Cavour: He wanted to go to work faster.

We went to Rivoli to chill on a roof and eat Turkish food (a must do thing in Italy, right?). There is a castle in the town: it was shelled during WWII, the restoration started in 1979, and is going till now. Currently the Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the building, but we didn’t attend its exhibition (see “Tamango”).

Parco Valentino is also a great place, Gianluca says. I left it for the next time – as you understand, I really liked Torino a lot! And by the way, you can drink not just cocktails-from-hell there, but some Piedmontese things like milk with mint. Is very yummy!

Or check out this place (it is not superfar from Parco Valentino!) for the best ice cream. We passed by three others gelatterias while looking for this one. According to the best guide in Torino, this one is really good!

So, as you will plan your Italian holidays, try to avoid the popular route Rome – Florence – Piza – Naples – whatever. Go to Torino, it is amazing, it has the atmosphere, it has stories to tell and things to taste. If you will like it too, rise a glass of bicerin for me 🙂

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