Safari in Georgia: Where and How?

Safari in Georgia: Where and How?

It all started in Germany. During my work for Georgia in March at ITB Berlin I met a person, who said, there was a company in Georgia which organized enduro and safari tours in Georgia. To my shame, I had no idea about this, and of course wanted to learn more. Slava Tavartkiladze, the director of KTM Georgia, so this company is called, explained that they are based in Rustavi and make moto- and safari tours in steppes, mountains and Black Sea coast of Georgia. Recently the tours have started in Kyrgyzstan too. If I wanted to experience it live, I should contact the Georgian representatives, he meant.

I decided to take advantage of Slava’s invitation and visit Rustavi in July only. For the majority of people, including me, “Safari in Rustavi” sounds weird: the town is known for its industry, polluted air and huge car market.


But it appeared that directly at Rustavi International Motorpark, where usually drifting, carting, motorcycles and club racing take place, there is also a hangar full of these beauties:


Zurab, who conducts enduro trainings and takes care of tours, showed me and my friends a couple of small routes around the area, leading us on his motorbike. We followed him on this beautiful Polaris…

DSC_7013DSC_7027????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Cosmic landscapes, speed, going uphill under weird angles, Polaris roars, we laugh… It all doesn’t look like Georgia at all!
Here you can also see a short video… 15 seconds of savanna ride: are some great pictures from my friends from Spitfire Media:enduro-00076 enduro-5990 enduro-6004 enduro-6049 enduro-6093 enduro-6169 enduro-6240 enduro-6246Finally we make a break near Kumisi Lake.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Zura told us, that usually there are 7 or 10 days tours, which cover either these steppes/savannas of Eastern Georgia, or go in the mountains of Ajara, along the West Coast. These tours are not the cheapest ones, but I can imagine the impressions after! Even after several hours of ride around Rustavi I felt overexcited, and if you see much more from this unusual angle – that’s just great. For you to understand: these tours are not going through “normal” touristic ways. It is offroad, it is extreme (even though you can learn very quickly), and it offers you a different perception of the country.

As I understood, in winter there will be also snowbiking routes in Gudauri, which KTM is gonna explore and operate… Seems like my winter program has expanded already – after paragliding it would be cool to try something new!

But for that weekend it was cool enough. Here are some last shots of my dirty happy face… and stay tuned! I have much more stories to tell 😉

IMG_20150704_132512 IMG_20150704_135328 IMG_20150705_002521 IMG_20150705_002626

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