Rtveli: The 5th Season in Georgia

Rtveli: The 5th Season in Georgia

Harvest time is a really special time in Georgia: grapes, viticulture and winemaking are essential for the local culture. You won’t be wrong, if you call wine the blood of the Georgian folk. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce it, and harvest symbolizes the transition from hard work to idle mode, as future wine is fermenting under the ground in qvevris, huge clay pots.

I’ve been dreaming about Rtveli (harvest) since I came here for the first time, but it didn’t work out somehow. Now it was a perfect chance to experience it myself after years of waiting. I decided not to write a lot, but my pictures have short explanations, so that you could understand what was going on.  Briefly: it was great, even though this is not an easy kind of work at all. And the coolest thing: the next year I will drink wine made of grapes picked by me. If you ask me whether it’s worth it, I will answer: highly recommended, guys, highly recommended!

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