7 Tasty Places for International Food in Tbilisi

7 Tasty Places for International Food in Tbilisi

As I moved to Tbilisi in 2013, I was always wondering how my friends were able to eat in international restaurants of Tbilisi. Seriously, having such a great national cuisine, how dare you!.. That’s what I was saying. Now, in September 2015, I gonna share with you some addresses, where you can get delicious food from different corners of our big world. Sorry, khinkali, but everyone needs a break from time to time.

All the recommendations are based on my experience and taste only. Still wondering what is good for a 25 y.o. vegetarian? Follow me then.

1. Amira
Mosashvili str. 11
One friend of mine still doesn’t know that he got +100500 to his karma for showing me this restaurant. Delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, big portions, decent prices. You can check the whole menu here: http://amira.tbb.ge/menu. I especially like Baba Ghanoush.

2. Pipes Burger Joint
Vashlovani str. 8 (are of “Perovskaya”)
Burger culture penetrates Tbilisi too. They say, this is one of the best burger joints in the city. I don’t really object! Saucy, fresh and big, they can make you forget about khachapuri or kubdari (for a while).

3. Be CHIC
Tbilisi Sea New City, Hualing Hotel and Preference

Before I believed that good Chinese cuisine was located somewhere around A. Chavchavadze street in the city center. Now I know that it is next to Tbilisi Sea. Yes, I wasn’t lazy enough to check it out!

Actually not just Chinese, but also international food is great there. They have a cook from Malta, who is doing his job pretty well! I attended one of the buffet dinners on Friday with my friends, and we were super happy with what we got. As I said, international and Chinese dishes, plus awesome desserts… Ugh. It was definitely worth to drive that far!

  1. Factory 27

Zandukeli str. 27

Used to be my favorite spot before. Now, being sincere, their quality of service is far from the best, which influences my opinion about the restaurant. But as long as their cook is doing his job, I am still there from time to time. My favorite dish is spinach with blue cheese and falafel plate. Fruity lemonades were also delicious…

Well, dear administration, if you read me right now, please save your cool restaurant: train your staff and check if service fee in the menu and in the check is the same!


Photo: Factory 27

Photo: Factory 27

5. Green Terrace
Kekelidze str. 11
This place in Upper Vera is exteriorizing my idea for such an evening, as you want a big good pizza, pasta or salad and a couple of long drinks. I also like the loft style of the place. No distractions, just food and drink… Once we were there with my mum, and she really liked their desserts too (believe me, she is an expert in tasting pies and cakes).

6. Umami
Rose Revolution Sq., Radisson Blue Iveria
Here comes the best sushi in the city. I know, a lot of Tbilisi people would say, a sushi place at Rustaveli is number one, but once I tried rolls and sushi in Umami, I fell in love with them. They are pricey, but dammit, I prefer to enjoy good fresh sushi once in a month rather than eating something I don’t like that much for better price every week.

7. The Kitchen
Kostava str. 14, Rooms Hotel
This case, as the restaurant has very limited number of items in menu, but they all are top quality. Again, it is not cheap, but don’t let me be misunderstood: as we are speaking about good international dinner, and not just eating something non-Georgian anywhere – The Kitchen is one of the best places to go to.

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