Georgian House of Justice: Bureaucracy for Lunch

Probably some of you have already heard about successfully implemented one-window-principle in Georgian bureaucracy. Like, whatever you may want to do: from birth registration till marriage, buying land and death registry – all of those services are available in brand new public halls, or Houses of Justice.

As foreign TV-crews come to film it, their favorite trick is to demonstrate, how you can apply for anything while having lunch. The journalist walks in “Just Cafe”, orders some food, and fills in some papers while waiting. After delicious lunch the passport (souvenir one) is ready, applause, applause, how smooth it works!

So I decided to use the opportunity and do the same, cause there was a real need to extend my stay in Georgia. Being familiar to the normal procedure, I was curious, hungry, got just one hour lunch break… and my office is exactly in front of House of Justice. A perfect chance to experience the advertised bureaucratic pleasure live!


So, I entered “Just Cafe”, and, after ordering a mushroom soup and vegetables, asked if I can submit my application right now. And…

Fail! It appeared that the whole spectrum of services is available for Georgian citizens only! I can do whatever I want except applying for citizenship or residence permit. Eh. I should have had money for a flat or land or something else.


Mushroom soup and vegetables were delicious, though. The following documents sumbission was quite easy, as usual: you take a ticket, go to the space where they deal with your question, and after 5-7 minutes (depends on your papers and linguistic capacities of the operator) pay for the service. That’s it.


Eeeh, pity, pity that I could not experience that tasty side of bureaucracy! Maybe next time I should get married or buy a house… Let’s see 🙂


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