Tbilisi: Taste of Charity, Taste for Charity

Tbilisi: Taste of Charity, Taste for Charity

As you know, recently Tbilisi has experienced a natural flood which caused damage to several neighbourhoods, left some families homeless and led to death of many animals from Tbilisi Zoo.

But it also caused a flood of volunteers and simply aware citizens who wanted to help their city and those who suffered because of disaster. It showed that people of Tbilisi are Tbilisi’s flesh and soul, and that kindness and mercy are not just a words.

Now, as the affected neighbourhoods are recovering and life is becoming normal, I want to tell you about a place which existed before the flood and which was also involved in charity – without such a huge trigger as a natural disaster. Just because there are always people who need help.

This is Social cafe-gallery Rhea’s Squirrels.  Founded by Union for people with disabilities, it also offers them an opportunity to work, and helps the other people with special needs. Even some decoration items and pictures on the walls are made by some of them!

Food is home-like: simple and delicious. Rhea’s Squirrels offers a big variety of pastry and big portions of salads and soups. I’d recommend to try tarragon khachapuri and Laghidze lemonade (as you might remember, I listed “Rhea’s Squirrels” in my Lemonade Route too).

By the way, you can not only eat there, but also buy souvenirs or accessories – it is also a social input!


So you see: you don’t really need a real disaster to be socially engaged and help people. And you can enjoy good food and shop things at the same time 🙂

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