15 Reasons to Fall in Love with Georgia

15 Reasons to Fall in Love with Georgia

Those who have been to Georgia already, should check the list, and if some things are missing, just come and see or experience them. And if you have never been here – don’t miss your chance to be inspired!

1. Kind hospitable people

Georgians are very open to their guests. You will spot it from the very beginning: if you need something even strangers will be happy to help. If you are invited to a feast, they will treat you as a family member.

2. Rich natural cuisine

Georgian food is one of main highlights of your trip. All fresh, all tasty, often spicy… Variety of vegetables, cheeses and meat, traditional technology of bread baking – you will definitely like it!



3. Fortresses and vineyards of Kakheti

Very impressive: medieval architecture and picturesque vines of different sorts… Almost every family in Kakheti region makes its own wine!


4. Cultural and architectural fusion

Being between West and East all the time, Georgia just united a lot of cultural and architectural trends. Modern times also influenced the look of the country: some buildings are very extravagant and always attract attention.



5. Hipster cafes in the yards and on the balconies of Old Tbilisi

You thought there were just traditional restaurants in Tbilisi? You have never been so wrong! Tbilisi yards can hide a lot of marvelous things. There is even a cafe in the yard of synagogue! Vintage cafes are also quite popular here. Some of them have beautiful balconies, which are just perfect for a warm day and ice tea!


6. Wild nature of Svaneti

Epic landscapes of this North-Western region of Georgia will enchant you. Highest mountains of Georgian Caucasus, waterfalls, glaciers, rivers! Medieval Svanetian towers, which are located in each and every household, are protected by UNESCO, by the way.


7. Borjomi

Borjomi water is the most powerful warrior against hangover and dozens of diseases not just in Georgia, but worldwide. You can drink it, you can have a bath or the whole treatment in one of the hotels and spa-centers of Borjomi town. Mineral Waters park and National Park Borjomi-Kharagauli are also wonderful destination for nature lovers.

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8. Georgian Dances

Fierce precise movements, wild rhymes, diverse costumes, flying silhouettes – it’s all about traditional Georgian dances. If you are lucky to attend on of the concerts of Sukhishvili or Erisioni ensembles, you will understand what we are talking about, and why I am so excited!


9. Cycling in Batumi

Of course, there are beaches, bars, clubs, sun and sea. But cycling along the long beautiful promenade of Batumi is also fun, and also an incredible measure to get rid of calories (see above: p.2 – Cuisine).



10. Georgian wine

Drunk in love – it’s also about Georgian wine, we swear. 8000 years of winemaking tradition (no kidding: eight thousand years, proven by archaeologists and UNESCO!), two ways of production: “European” and “Georgian”, and around 500 sorts of grapes. All this bottled and served for the dear guests!


11. Svanetian salt

If you need to make your life spicy, try this. Mix of salt and natural spices, which should be a bit wet, was traditionally produced in Svaneti, but now you can find it in many other places around Georgia.

Photo: Georgian Journal

12. Georgian polyphony

As you hear this, just close your eyes, and you will see the mountains and valleys of Georgia, as powerful voices will resonate inside you.

13. Georgian toasting tradition

If you were invited to the table, be prepared that every cup will be risen to some reason. To God, to today’s gathering, to guests, to women, to children, to nature… Learn the word “gaumarjos!” (toast to… anything; it is used as “cheers” or “prost!”), and remember: there is always a reason to drink! That is why we recommend you to check out p. 7 once again, so that you will be fit after drinking to love for the fifth time.

14. “Vaime!”

It is as universal, as “mamma mia!”: for excitement, amusement, disappointment, and instead of some strong words. I will be surprised, if you won’t use it after your comeback from Georgia!

15. Italian courtyards and traditional balconies

A real trademark of Georgian and especially Tbilisi architecture, they look incredibly charming.

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