Cook like a Georgian: Tender Gebzhalia

Cook like a Georgian: Tender Gebzhalia

As I explained you a while ago, one restaurant from Tbilisi with great regional cuisine invited me to meet their cooks after they have found my positive review. So I went to learn things, and I hope I did! In the previous post I was talking with you about elarji, corn flour polenta with cheese. And now it’s turn of gebzhalia, another cheesy thing which makes Megrelian cuisine so good!

So, it all starts with picking fresh soft cheese. Tashre (the restaurant) prepares it in a separate kitchen, and us normal people can find it at the agricultural market or in a shop (but at the market is usually homemade!).DSC_4704 You cut the cheese and prepare the sauce from matsoni and green ajika (you can also find it in the market or prepare it by mixing minced green hot peppers, parsley, coriander, dill, garlic and celery. In the version for gebzhalia, mint is also being used quite often).

DSC_4800DSC_4811DSC_4705 You put cheese into the boiling water and melt and smash it, until it becomes totally homogeneous.DSC_4766 You put this hot mass to a big even surface: a huge plate or a tray. DSC_4807Even it out and add more ajika on it. MOOORE!DSC_4726 As ajika is distributed all over the cheesy layer, roll it to a sausage.DSC_4732 DSC_4736 Wait a bit, and then cut it into smaller pieces. Put them into the matsoni-based sauce and leave until it gets cooler.DSC_4828 DSC_4831This dish is also one of my favorites. It is very tender and delicate, just melts in the mouth. Try to prepare it too! Actually it didn’t seem too complicated.

Bon appetit and stay tuned!

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