Hardcore free Kakheti: how to survive a trip to the winemaking region

As I discussed the recent trip around Kakheti with my friend Levan, who was about to host four Poles, I was afraid that there would be too much drinking. Kakheti is the main winemaking region of Georgia, wineries are on every step, and if you travel there with a driver, your chances to finish you day being drunk and happy are very high.

Though in the end it was planned it in a cool way, which allows the guests to see things and have some time for themselves. So if you travel around Kakheti with a car for two days, you will be able to see and experience all sides of the non-highland part.

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About Svaneti, waterfalls and simple pleasures

Maybe it doesn’t fit into the format of travel blog with top-whatever-things-to-eat-to-do-not-to-do, but…

…guys, I am in the hammock under the walnut tree, Ushba is looking at me, that twin peak, which in my head is still someone mythological, someone from old legends, from mum’s bedtime stories, even though the mum who shared the stories was not mine, but my friend’s. But she was the one who knew it all better than anyone else, because Svaneti was in her blood.

…after months of hard work (actually at two full-time jobs, even though it sounds like I used a Timeturner) I can afford myself exchange glances with mighty, deadly serious Ushba and not to do anything else. No cloud is seen next to its peaks, so crystal clear is my head; wind is playing with tree leaves, river Dolra is growling in some 200 meters from me, in 200 steps barefoot on the grass.DSC_5293I am in the Svan commune Becho. On vacation. Officially admitting my inner refusal of all-inclusive kinds of leisure, because as I think of something like this, my feet start itching and calling me to go face some adventures. Continue reading About Svaneti, waterfalls and simple pleasures

Landing in Kutaisi: what’s next?

In September 2016 WizzAir launches new connections between Georgia and Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece.  With full understanding, that the newcomers might be confused with what Georgia actually is, I am going to give you a couple of tips, where to go and what to see, if you travel with WizzAir to Kutaisi airport.

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Cook like a Georgian: Tender Gebzhalia

As I explained you a while ago, one restaurant from Tbilisi with great regional cuisine invited me to meet their cooks after they have found my positive review. So I went to learn things, and I hope I did! In the previous post I was talking with you about elarji, corn flour polenta with cheese. And now it’s turn of gebzhalia, another cheesy thing which makes Megrelian cuisine so good!

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Tusheti: magic of mountains and slippery roads

Couple of years ago BBC hast listed the roads of Tusheti among the most dangerous and hence the most fascinating ones. This triggered the interest of both international and domestic travelers to this remote mountainous region, which is now inhabited in basically in summertime only. Just several families stay for winter in Kvemo Omalo, and 1 or 2 people spend 7 months of cold in Dartlo and Shenako. The rest is involved in shepherding or maintains guesthouses from June till late September. Then the snow falls and the road is closed.

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A brief acquaintance with Kazakhstan: what to expect?

For the second time I return from Kazakhstan full of thoughts, which are hardly transferable to a text. The country is definitely unusual. Huge. Different. I haven’t seen too much, but on the other hand, how many of you have been to Kazakhstan at all? So I will share my ideas, and who knows – maybe you’ll get inspired for a visit!

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Gastronomic secrets of Tbilisi: a delicious route through the capital

Recently I had the opportunity to cooperate with the Israeli channel TV2 – they asked me to help them with special dishes that are certainly worth a try, once you travel to Tbilisi. My list was quite long, and not all of my favourite dishes and restaurants were included in the program in the end, so I decided to share my tips here. Forgive me, my meat loving friends, but the food I am talking about is totally non-meaty. However, I’m sure you won’t regret following some of my tips. Let’s go explore the culinary scene of Tbilisi!

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A short escape to Karlovy Vary

If you are coming to Karlovy Vary, you must be either having problems with digestion or looking for the real peace (and boredom) inside. Or, as it happened to me, you can be visiting friends, who settled down there. Because of those lovely people I decided to spend a small part of my vacation in one the biggest towns of Czech Republic with 50.000 people living there. IMG_20160317_234411

The town itself is really toy-like. Surrounded by mountains, oozing with mineral waters, it used to host many celebrities from Giacomo Casanova and Otto von Bismark to Leo Di Caprio. The only time when Karlovy Vary loses its slow temper is the time of the annual international film festival. Its major events are going on in the ugly building of you-know-which-period (though, from above it should be resembling to an old camera).DSC_0987DSC_1015The rest of the year it lives its life with the dignity of an old lady from a noble impoverishing family.

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